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Navigating Student & Staff Wellbeing in Today's Schools


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About this Webinar

Join our latest webinar with esteemed wellbeing experts Ann Marie Christian, Safeguarding Consultant, Speaker and Author, and Alice Moore, Senior Mental Health Lead, Educator and Consultant as they share their insights, drawing from years of experience and best practice.

In this on-demand session, our speakers delve into the critical aspects of wellbeing within the education sector, for staff as well as pupils.

Join us to learn:

  • Strategies and best practice to address new and rising mental health concerns
  • What a successful program looks like for student and staff wellbeing
  • The benefits of utilising the latest technology to support wellbeing in schools

This is an invaluable opportunity to gain practical advice and get your questions answered by the experts about fostering a healthy and thriving school community.

About the Presenters

Ann Marie Christian

Ann Marie is a renowned international safeguarding consultant, author and guest lecturer at University of Southampton and Anglia Ruskin University on social injustice, inclusion, diversity, and adult safeguarding. Ann Marie regularly contributes to national news features sharing her expertise, alongside playing an active role in safeguarding committees and voluntary work supporting HIV awareness and inclusive literature.

Alice Moore

Alice is a compassionate educator and seasoned Senior Mental Health Lead, who empowers parents, staff and children through tailored interventions and bespoke education programs. Her fundamental belief is that the foundation of life-long learning is a safe and nurturing environment, which enables children to reach their full potential. As such, she places kindness and compassion at the core of everything she does and is committed to embodying these values in the workplace. Her innovative approach has garnered widespread recognition, with her work adopted as a model by schools across the UK, while also collaborating on projects with prominent organisations like Universal films and Penguin Books.

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